Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's Scibeacalifragilisticexpialidocious!...for who else but Period 2!

Well today started out with a rather pathetic greeting to Ms. Smith, which she made us recite again, but hopefully we’ll do that better tomorrow. Thankfully, Emma was feeling better today so Smith was happy about that.

We then went to our blog and looked over the blog that we were supposed to respond to last night…good job to the 24 of you who actually did do the assignment. The rest of us responded in class.

Shauna opened up our discussion by saying that both passages got the same message across, only in different ways.
Paige also had a great comment about how the first passage seemed to be more realistic, while the second was more poetic.
Chelsea asked a good question about why Jeanne was afraid to sit to the Caucasian girl with the slanted eyes. Smith said that the girl’s father had threatened to sell her to the China Man when she would not behave. This is basically the Boogie Man that all of us grew up being afraid of. (Or maybe you're like Declan Danger who was most likely never afraid of anything when he was little...or maybe not.)

After the discussion, Anna came around and checked to make sure we had done our three sticky note questions. By the looks of it, mostly everyone did so good job guys!

We started to discuss some of the questions that we had come across while reading. We discussed how the head of the house was taken like Jeanne’s father was taken. Somehow we once again found ways to connect our discussion to movies.
We also discussed the honor and loyalty that the Japanese people still showed while in the concentration camps.

Then came the issue of where we wanted to put the Semester Project in our grades. We were given three choices:
Option A – Split the points up between two categories.
Option B – 275 in reading comprehension
Option C – 275 in critical thinking
Option D – 275 in literature projects

In the end Option B was chosen.

After voting, we turned in our 1984 books. Then Smith let us work on our Semester Projects for the rest of the hour. Make sure you guys are working on those!

After Smith sent us to work on our projects, Alex noticed that "A perfect class" had been written on the board (most likely by Kakos), drew an arrow, and wrote "Period 2." It was pretty funny, I must say.

So all in all, it was a pretty good day...and Period 2 continues to be more amazing than Period 5.

Don't forget the...
Chapters 4-5 with 3 sticky note questions
Semester project
(the end is near!)

-Hannah J.

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Blogger adrianag said...

wow...awesome scribe. everyone seems to be getting competitive w/t the colors...

Thu May 03, 10:53:00 PM  

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