Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Scribe 4/3 Period 5

We started class by reviewing the marvelous plan Ms. Smith has planned for 1984 and turned in our grammar packets for up through lesson 4.

We watched the two Apple videos referencing 1984, and compared and contrasted them.

Apple Commercial
Strange tone w/ voice
Hard to Hear
Positive Meaning- new age of technology

Obama/ Clinton Commercial
Speech contradictory to view
Negative Meaning- new age of darkness and control

Both: Address brainwashed public, the men are the drones, and women are the saviors

Maddy made an announcement about Wish Week, which everyone should participate in. (Hint: Smith will be playing in the basketball game) Donate, Donate, Donate!

Hannah also made an announcement about an upcoming meeting of the writers working on the documentary at Hannah's house around 10 or 11 o'clock. Everyone who wants to be a part of it is invited. They are planning on finishing the storyboard.

Our main assignment for the day dealt with political cartoons. In groups, we found cartoons from both the past (circa 1949) and the present and compared the ideas in a paragraph. We then completed our own political cartoon of the future with our groups. You need to print your cartoons but shame on you if you print them on Smith’s prized printer.

Tomorrow we have our first 1984 fishbowl and will be taking our first quiz over pages 1 through 37.

38 school days (not including today) left until summer vacation!!!


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