Monday, April 02, 2007

Scribe for Monday April 2, 2007 5th hour

Monday April 2, 2007

We got our grammar tests back. Please see Ms. Smith if you were absent to get your test back.

Today we began 1984 by George Orwell.

Ms. Smith passed out pink sheets that explained her fishbowl expectations for 1984. It is summarized as follows.

Unlike previous fishbowls, this time we are leading the discussion in groups of three on a given day. If you were not here, you were assigned to a group. Each group of three will meet before the fishbowl to discuss the pages that are going to be fishbowled on. During the meeting, Ms. Smith suggested that we look at least one critical analysis of our chapters. The places she suggested to find a critical analysis are Galenet and Ebsco. You can find links to these subscription sites on Arapahoe's website. If you are looking at these from home, you need the passwords. They are available in the library. Ms. Smith has prohibited looking at sparknotes for commentary. She also suggested comparing 1984 to other books you have read, especially Fahrenheit 451.

While they are meeting, each group also needs to come up with an agenda for the fishbowl. The agenda should outline what questions the group intends to ask and where the group intends to lead the discussion. This agenda will be submitted to Ms. Smith before the fishbowl begins. Make sure these questions are higher level questions that provoke discussion. In addition, while they are meeting, each group needs to come up with a quiz for this section. The quiz can be basic plot questions, BUT it must have at least one or two higher level questions covering overlying themes.

After the fishbowl, the group will pass out their quiz. After the class takes the quiz, the group is responsible for taking them home and grading them. They need to be returned to Ms. Smith by the next fishbowl. Additionally, your group needs to create a blog post for discussion after the fishbowl.

We also signed for a day to be a designated discussor for the fishbowl. For those who weren't there, you were assigned a day.

Ms. Smith collected our emails so we could get posting privileges on the blog. The point of getting posting privileges on the blog was so that each day someone could post on the blog about the daily activities. If you are absent, you can check the blog for a report on what we did that day. If you were not here, you were NOT assigned a day to scribe so please talk with Ms. Smith when you get back about getting a day. To see examples of what a daily report looks like go to

We also checked out 1984 books. If you still need one, see Ms. Smith.

Important note for anyone who bought his or her own copy of 1984.

If you look on the calendar for 1984, you will notice that we are dividing the book up by pages. Ms. Smith said that the first three chapters is equivalent to the pages 1-37 for anyone whose copy is different.

Lastly, we went to the blog and commented on two posts, blogging expectations and big brother is watching you. On the second post, watch the two videos in order then comment. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO WATCH THEM IN ORDER!


Read 1-37 of 1984 for the Fishbowl on Wednesday

1st fishbowl presenters need to get ready

Semester Project

Bring Grammar Packets tomorrow with 13.1-4 DONE! Be warned two of the exercises require written response.

Blog on the two questions if you have not already done so.

Invite your parents to blog if you have not already done so. Remind them to blog tonight if they want to.

Sorry the post is so long. Happy Monday!

Emily Lutz, Block 5 Scribe

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