Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Group Three's Presentation

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Knows he who tills this lonely fieldTo reap its scanty corn,What mystic fruit his acres yieldAt midnight and at morn?In the long sunny afternoon,The plain was full of ghosts,I wandered up, I wandered down,Beset by pensive hosts.The winding Concord gleamed below,Pouring as wide a floodAs when my brothers long ago,Came with me to the wood.But they are gone,— the holy ones,Who trod with me this lonely vale,The strong, star-bright companionsAre silent, low, and pale.My good, my noble, in their prime,Who made this world the feast it was,Who learned with me the lore of time,Who loved this dwelling-place.They took this valley for their toy,They played with it in every mood,A cell for prayer, a hall for joy,They treated nature as they would.They colored the horizon round,Stars flamed and faded as they bade,All echoes hearkened for their sound,They made the woodlands glad or mad.I touch this flower of silken leafWhich once our childhood knewIts soft leaves wound me with a griefWhose balsam never grew.Hearken to yon pine warblerSinging aloft in the tree;Hearest thou, O traveller!What he singeth to me?
Not unless God made sharp thine earWith sorrow such as mine,Out of that delicate lay couldst thouThe heavy dirge divine.Go, lonely man, it saith,They loved thee from their birth,Their hands were pure, and pure their faith,There are no such hearts on earth.Ye drew one mother's milk,One chamber held ye all;A very tender historyDid in your childhood fall.Ye cannot unlock your heart,The key is gone with them;The silent organ loudest chantsThe master's requiem.

The Battle Of Evermore
Led Zeppelin; Plant/Page

Queen of light took her bowAnd then she turned to go,The prince of peace embraced the gloomAnd walked the night alone.Oh, dance in the dark of night,Sing to the morn - ing light.The dark lord rides in force tonightAnd time will tell us all.Oh, throw down your plow and hoe,Rest not to lock your homes.Side by side we wait the mightOf the darkest of them all.I hear the horses thunderDown in the valley blow,Im waiting for the angels of avalon,Waiting for the eastern glow.The apples of the valley hold,The seas of happiness,The ground is rich from tender care,Repay, do not forget, no, no.Oh,-------dance in the dark of night,Sing to the morning light.The apples turn to brown and black, the tyrants face is red.Oh the war is common cry, pick up you swords and fly.The sky is filled with good and badThat mortals never know.Oh, well, the night is long, the beads of time pass slow,Tired eyes on the sunrise, waiting for the eastern glow.The pain of war cannot exceedThe woe of aftermath,The drums will shake the castle wall,The ring wraiths ride in black, ride on.Sing as you raise your bow,Shoot straighter than before.No comfort has the fire at nightThat lights the face so cold.Oh dance in the dark of night,Sing to the mornin light.The magic runes are writ in goldTo bring the balance back, bring it back.At last the sun is shining, the clouds of blue roll by,With flames from the dragon of darknessThe sunlight blinds his eyes.


Blogger alexm said...

This is a good poem, followed by an even better song. Good job guys. I read it last night.

Thu Feb 08, 08:41:00 AM  
Blogger ADRIANA G said...

The first song was really interesting. It was practically all metaphors. I particularly like the part where the land was compared to a feast.

Thu Feb 08, 08:42:00 AM  
Blogger briang said...

Hey guys good song choice, I love Zeplin. Their lyrics are very open ended so this was a good song to choose. You guys could have a little bit more enthusiasm though while you are presenting.

Thu Feb 08, 08:43:00 AM  
Blogger christa s said...

I noticed a lot of imagery in this poem, for instance "Stars flamed and and faded as they bade" puts a lot of pictures in my head and I can really imaging stars on fire and then fading away.

Thu Feb 08, 08:43:00 AM  
Blogger HannahJ said...

From the poem...
"...silent organ loudest chants..."


Thu Feb 08, 08:43:00 AM  
Blogger declanh said...

in response to brian, we didn't exactly realize how long this song was.

Thu Feb 08, 09:06:00 AM  
Blogger chelseah said...

ok, so after reading/listening to these two poems/lyrics, i found a lot of imagery. i found that i could see what they were saying in my mind. another literary device that they used was personification.

Thu Feb 08, 09:16:00 AM  
Blogger ADRIANA G said...

chelseah--same here. There were a lot of metaphors too that helped make a picture of the scene.

The first one also had end rhymes.

Thu Feb 08, 09:21:00 AM  
Blogger jess b said...

I don't really understand what either of the poem/songs are talking about... but i definately like the song!

Thu Feb 08, 09:22:00 AM  
Blogger christa s said...

The song also had a lot of metaphors, like "seas of happiness" and "beads of time".

Thu Feb 08, 09:22:00 AM  
Blogger ADRIANA G said...

The first poem seemed to be about how the land was conquered and destroyed by people. 'they took this valley for their toy'

Thu Feb 08, 09:24:00 AM  

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