Sunday, May 06, 2007

Period 2...Scribefulllll

Period 2's scribe for Friday, May 4, 2007
In class on Friday:
On Friday we wrote our last reflection ever (tear)
We were supposed to reflect over the semester and the entire year and write about it. Then we were supposed to write our goals for the rest of this semester. Then we wrote about just 'Wut's up?'. Last but certainly not least we wrote anything else we wanted to say for the very last reflection ever.
Next Ms. Smith asked us if we wanted to discuss the book...............and we said no.
Ms. Smith almost bit her thumb at Alex M. but he told her not to. Then she offered that we could teach period 3 Romeo and Juliet (but not really).
After that we voted on what section the points for the semester project would be applied
A. 100 in Reading comp. 75 in Literature Projects and 100 in Critical Thinking
B. 275 in Reading comp.
and C. 275 in Critical Thinking
The class voted and choice B. Won 275 points in Reading comprehension
For the last twenty-five mintues of class we worked on either our semester project with our groups OR we read in Farewell to Manzanar through chapter seven.

Work on semester project of course, we only have a couple weeks left and time will fly.
Read through chapter 7 in Farewell to Manzanar-plus three sticky note questions for chapters 6 and 7.

18 days left including weekends and graduation
13 days left not including weekends, but including finals
9 days left not including weekends or finals


AND MOST IMPORTANTLY Period 5 will never be as outstanding as PERIOD 2!!!!!


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