Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Scribe Period 5/14 Miss Lindsey


So today was a pretty bomb day in block 5.
First we learned what we were going to write our second in class paragraph about Farewell to Manzanar on. It went something like this:
List three specific examples of how Jeanne's relationship with her father has changed through the book. Also talk about what lasting changes this caused.
We did this in the hallway while Mr. Fisch interviewed people about blogging in the classroom.
Most people went alone, but not Laura, Emily, and I. We were the three musketeers.
At first, we even planned on doing English accents, but then decided that wasn't a good idea because then we would be laughing the whole time (except for Emily who would ramble off in some kind of "I like whipped cream" accent).
Yeah, it was kind of the highlight of the day.
That's about all we did though, nothing too eventful.
Oh, our homework is to finish Farewell To Manzanar.
Just one chapter to go!


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