Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Scribe 5/7

Hello class,

[Hello ms. Smith]

Today is Monday, May 07, 2007.
I know what you are thinking… ugh… The Dreaded ‘Monday’.
Well, I think Ms. Smith must have given everyone some of her Vente Carmel Macchiato [triple shot] Starbuck’s today, because everyone seemed to be more perky and awake than the average Monday.

We began class with discussing our plans for this week:

May 8th [tomorrow]
- Quiz on Book 1 (Ch 1-11)
- Conferences on Semester Projects

May 9th [day after tomorrow]
- Conferences on Semester Projects
- Bring in Magazines

May 10th [day after the day after tomorrow]
- Conferences on Semester Projects
- Character Maps

May 11th [day after the day after the day after tomorrow]
- Conferences on Semester Projects
- Character Maps

It’s a lot, but DO NOT STRESS OUT!!

We are honors kids… we can handle it.
And the fact that we are block 2 and Ms. Smith’s favorite class… just makes us better in general. ;]

While we opened our screens to a website filled with pictures of Japanese internment camps… Anna walked around and checked our sticky notes from Chapters 6-7.


We scrolled through the pictures and reacted to what we saw on our laptops.

Common Trends that we noticed…
The victims were completing tasks and activities that an average American would under go.
They consider themselves citizens of Americaà not Chinese
You rarely saw a whole family together in the photographs
Relates to the book and how the families quickly grew apart
The people in the camps were smiling in practically every picture
Relates to the honor the Chinese people had
Photographer didn’t want to portray the camps in a negative way

The rest of the class period was spent on our semester projects and conferences.

Homework :[

Semester Projects
Chapters 8-11 & sticky notes

kbye,Jess B


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