Monday, April 23, 2007

A Day Without Period 5 Scribe is Like a Day Without Sunshine…

Camp Smith April 23rd

Today was a splendid day
! At the beginning of class, we turned in our take home quizzes from Friday fishbowl feeling very confident we all did excellente! Then Smith explained our T-shirt project...
  • A design on the computer using Word or another program on the computer which I cannot think of right now...
  • Sending a political message or a warning to society in 1984
  • Use a strong visual (or in other words a "prettty prettty picture")
  • Make a simplistic, short saying
  • Make it very CREATIVE and COLORFUL!
  • Turn it into her drop box when finished...

Then Smith showed examples from Period 2 (which Period 5 could totally beat!). After, Smith let us get to work. We then worked on our T-shirt Projects all day... until the dreaded bell rang...oh how emotional it makes us all, I know, I know.

  • read pages 274-297 in 1984 (it is optional to read the newspeak section)
  • make up the quiz from Friday (only if you were a slacker and did not come to school)
  • make sure the T-shirt designs from today are completed...or else...
  • be sure you are done with all of your grammar exercises


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WOAH!! Emily that is intense!

Tue Apr 24, 12:34:00 PM  

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