Sunday, April 08, 2007

Scribe for class on 4/06 Period 2

On this particular Friday, Mrs. Smith was gone, in her stead we received Mrs. Ritzdorf.

Mrs. Ritzdorf started class by commenting on how old she was then quickly changed the topic.
The general schedule went like this:
~Bell ringing

The Homework For Monday, 4/09 is to blog and read P. 37-96
Also, a reminder that Career day is on Tuesday 4/10 and we received the schedules on Friday.

During the fishbowl many intriguing and thought provoking ideas were brought up for discussion.

Here is a link to the live blog discussion

Main topics from the discussion include:
~World War II – Oceania as Axis powers?

~Is the war real? Is it only told to the people for increasing nationalism?

~How did all the people of Oceania come to be under the control of the party?

Here is a link to a map of the 1984 world

~Everyone older than Winston is the only thing holding the party back from total control over the country.

~What about the Proles? Why can’t the party control them?

~Brian thought 1984 is exactly the same as Fahrenheit 451.

~In 451 everyone is well off. In 1984, the people are poor.

To our dismay the bell rang right in the middle of a heated debate over 1984.
This concludes the scribe for period two on 4/06.



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ya phillip way to be.

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That's just plain skilled is what that is.

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