Thursday, April 05, 2007


So today...Smith was was a shame.
However, Krouse Quatro was here as a substitutioner.
WE, period 5, got our minds. It was hard core visualization.

No but seriously, we started out discussing the blog.
Then Kenna walked in...late. We booed her, don't you worry.

But our conversation was quite interesting...
We talked about the irony of the Ministries in 1984.
One of the points brought up was how the Ministry of Truth was exactly the opposite of the name because they controlled the media and changed the truth so society only heard what the government wanted them to know. They also had the capability to change and sensor the past.
The discussion shifted to compare the events in 1984 society today. We compared how the government controls what we take on airplanes and society allows and follows their direction solely because of our fear of terroism.

Work for Home...
read 37-69
fishbowl tomorrow
grammar 8-9
blog on marxism, communism, socialism question


Blogger maria k said...

Nice job Laura! We can beat per 2 without even trying...

Fri Apr 06, 12:20:00 PM  

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