Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My amazing scribe for whom else, but period 2!

Well hello there, I hope you all had a good day at school today!!!

Today we started out the class by talking about Newspeak and handing back the quizzes we took over pages 69-117 and 117-147. The class wasn’t participating at all during our discussion about Newspeak so Ms. Smith got upset with us, come on guys we can’t bore her we have to be better that 5th period. I really think the class is getting better at those quizzes though because all of our grades seemed to be a lot higher!! Good job guys keep it up.

So today in class was pretty much amazing, it was just a work day. Last night everybody was supposed to get a political speech for today, so what do you know we used them. We all go into groups of either three or four and went over the speeches. Out of everybody’s speeches in our groups, (man were they long speeches) we just chose one. After we chose the one speech we liked the most, we rewrote it so that is was in the form of Newspeak, from 1984 where Winston works.

Newspeak has many characteristics,
-Very few words, right to the point
-Very little vocabulary, so we eliminated all big words and descriptive words

(Really you just wanted to make it so a 5th grader could read it with no problem, and understand every single word of it, it’s pretty close to what Newspeak do.)

When we finished, we printed it out, that is if you typed it, and then turned it in. If you didn’t have time to print it out today be sure to print it out tonight, BEFORE YOU COME TO CLASS!! You all know what happens when you don’t print your work out before you come to class, so don’t make the class suffer.

If you finished re-writing the speech in class then you could work on some of your other english work such as the grammar packet.


-Print out your speech if you haven’t already done so
-Grammar packet all the way up to 16
-Semester project
-Read pages 167-224 for tomorrow (Presenters and discussers, be prepared for fishbowl tomorrow)

I really hope that this helped anyone who was absent or just didn’t write down the homework or pay attention in class today.

This week:

You guys should really come out and support the school and our teams so going on this week there is,

4/18 Girls varsity lacrosse game at LPSS at 7:00
4/18 Girls JV lacrosse game at Newton Middle school at 5:30
4/18 Boys varsity Baseball at AHS at 4:00
4/18 Boys Freshman lacrosse game at Powell Middle School at 4:00
4/19 Girls varsity soccer at AHS at 4:00
4/19 Girls JV soccer at AHS at 4:00
4/19 Boys swimming and diving at AHS at 4:00(it’s against Heritage)
4/20 Boys JV baseball game at AHS at 4:00
4/21 Boys freshman baseball game at AHS at 11:00
4/21 Boys freshman baseball game at AHS at 1:00

These are only the home games from now until Saturday.

Also there is the school play, Music Man.

That’s all I have,

Tana L.


Blogger chelseah said...

Great Job Tana!!!
Very informative, and i like how you added the sports schedule. Very helpful!

And i'm glad you finally figured out how to do it! :D


[[Beats 5 for sure]]


Tue Apr 17, 09:57:00 PM  
Blogger DeclanH said...

this scribe reminds me of a similar scribe by a young protege (accent over the e) by the name of einstein. well done.

Wed Apr 18, 08:32:00 AM  
Blogger endsleye said...

yay tana!
you rock my socks!
thanks so much for describing the day so well! as well was giving us everything else that is happening at the school!!!


Wed Apr 18, 08:33:00 AM  
Blogger Kjerstinl said...

Wow Tana, you seemed to include everything, plus add all the sports. That's pretty much amazing. MMMMUUUUCCCCHHH better than period 5!

Wed Apr 18, 08:52:00 AM  
Blogger saram said...

I was incredibly impressed when I read your scirbe. It was very informative, yet fun to read at the same time. I also liked the addition of the sports schedule. It was so much better than period 5. I'm pretty sure they should just give up now. Good work guys!


Wed Apr 18, 08:55:00 AM  
Blogger HarryPotterFreak(danh) said...

Declan, I believe the word you're looking for is protegé. Take that!

Mon Apr 30, 07:25:00 PM  

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