Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Period 2 Scribe...

April 24, 2007

Ok so yesterday was a fishbowl day and a quiz day.

Alex D, Jessica B, and Elyse H were the leaders for the fishbowl and they made the highly entertaining quiz.

There were about twenty questions on the quiz and the first ten were for points and then three of the next ten were for extray credit.

If you were not there you better take that..

The quiz took pretty much the whole hour because one sentence was no sufficient enough for an answer. We had to have long and meaningful answers.

I learned not to yell out answers during quizzes...

The fishbowl took place after the quiz and the points were pretty much...

-If Winston would ever "challenge the system again"
-How Winston and Julia betrayed each other
-How depressing the end of the book was
-How it related to Farenheit 451 (which was written in 1953...)

The fishbowl did not last very long so that is about all we got to.

School starts at 11:30 today!!

Homework: Grammar due on Thursday


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