Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Period 5 Scribe!

When we walked in to our favorite 5th period class of the day today, Ms. Smith passed back our amazing CD projects. Most people seemed fairly happy with the results, so the day started off on a good note. Then, to everyone’s great disappointment, Emily, Michelle and Sarah passed out the quizzes. The quiz involved a series of questions that were in the format of multiple choice and short answer. Also there was a 4 point question!(gasp!) The extra credit was a two part question that asked who was coming to our class this Thursday, and for what reason they had decided to join our hard-working class(cough cough.) After the quiz was passed in, we were told the answer to the extra credit. Unfortunately, I still do not know the answer to the extra credit that was previously mentioned.

Today was also fishbowl day!The greater part of the fishbowl was spent discussing the proles and why they have not started a rebellion. Ms. Smith brought up a good point: If all of the people in the United States that cannot speak English decided to rebel against our government, there would be no stopping them. Good point Ms. Smith!

Read 117-147 for a fishbowl on Friday
Make sure to be caught up on Grammar.

There you have it, my amazing scribe.



Blogger adrianag said...

Nice try period 5. Do you think a mere exclamation mark could raise your scribe high enough to beat ours?

Thu Apr 12, 04:03:00 PM  
Blogger Mphair said...

The answer to the extra credit was, as everyone should know by now...

Q: Who is comming to class on Thursday.

A: The counselors

Q: What are they going to talk about?

A: Resistration

Thu Apr 12, 05:10:00 PM  

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