Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Period 2 Scribe

As always, Period 2 started off on a good note when Ms. Smith passed out the long awaited cd projects. Nobody seemed to be incredibly upset so I assume the results were good. After that, the mood changed when the class had to take a quiz=0. It consisted of 5 questions and nobody seemed to have the "I just bombed something attitude", so the day goes on. The previous quizzes were passed back. Then there was the fishbowl. As always, everyone contributed to make it a fantastic discussion. Personally, I liked the discussion about the intentions and the truthfulness of O'Brien and how he and others may be setting a trap for Winston.

Homework:Read pages 117-147. Think over the main topics of the reading and be prepared for Fishbowl on friday.

Goodbye For Now,


Blogger DeclanH said...

Nicely done (as usual). I think she's lying about Period 5's conversation. It just doesn't seem likely that they'd be better than us.

Thu Apr 12, 08:32:00 AM  
Blogger endsleye said...

good job making this scribe late josh!! :[

Thu Apr 12, 08:33:00 AM  

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