Saturday, April 14, 2007

2nd period's Scribalicious post

Sorry the post is a little late due to techinical difficultlies...

The class started out on a rather sad note when we discovered that Ms. Smith was no where to be seen. However, we somehow were able to recover and to continue on to do a reflection on how we are doing in class. Our strengths and weaknesses were well recorded in the documents we submitted. Next we nearly pulled our hair out during the stunning quiz that was written up by our wonderful presenters: Paige, Brian, Endsleye, and Chelsea. Nice job on those quizes! After the difficult but refreshing quizes we set up for the awesome fishbowl. I was dazzled by our wonderful questions and connections which just might have been better than... 5th hour's. Anyway there was many difficult questions about the wonderfully introcite book 1984.

Great job on the fishbowl everybody!

Now I want to mention the homework situation!
  • Make sure to keep doing your grammar exercises! You should be done all the way to Exercise 14
  • Read 1984!!!!!! Right now we're reading from p.147-167 (you might want to read ahead! We have a big section coming up)
  • Don't forget that you might be scribing soon! make sure your prepared and you know what day is yours
  • Presenters and Discussers: know when your up! Make great questions so we can knock Ms. Smith's off!




Blogger DeclanH said...

simply beautiful. this scribe is so good, it should go on tour. especially with the stunning colors. i haven't seen such wonderful visual imagery since the giant gorilla in King Kong. both King Kong and this scribe were incredibly well done.

i don't know if anyone has noticed Period 5's, but its lacking a lot of color. and its like the Reader's Digest version of a Reader's Digest version of the class. i felt that it lacked detail and the ever important "umph" necessary for a perfect scribe. Period 5's albino and simple scribe can't even compare to our work of art.

Sun Apr 15, 06:41:00 PM  

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