Saturday, April 28, 2007

Period 2; a scribe for you.

Class started with a bliss.
Ms. Smith was not a miss.
We got our grammar packets back.
My group gave back the quizzes.
If you think there is a mistake in you quiz, see me for corrections.
We split the show and got to work, upon our semester projects.
The homework is a follows:
For those who have not finished the survey, finish it with haste.
Ms. Smith marvelous way of teaching depends on your answers.
You must keep working on you semester project, for it will creep up fast.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Titanium Plant Pots: A Day With the Prince of Wales

'Ello chaps! While I recognize that it is terribly hard to talk in a British accent online, I shall attempt it until I get bored or distracted. Just pretend you're listening to J.K. Rowling reading you a book. Or one of those people who narrates audio books because for some reason they're always British...

This unbloody day at camp smith started out as abnormal as usual, with us poor blokes waiting miserably for our beloved mistress to arrive with the (port)keys. (Ha get it! A portkey! Why are they all standing around that manky old boot... ya... nevermind) As always, us childerkins enjoyed our moments standing around, blocking traffic, talking, listening to iPods, some awkward things you don't want to know about, and all the other activities that occupy our time from about 12:09 P.M. until 12:14. Yes, it's true, I can count.

Suddenly, an excited buzz came over the crowd. We looked into the near distance and lo and behold, (gasp) Ms. Smith strolled over to the door with the (port)keys and unlocked the door. As I'm sure you all know, entering the door to room C11 is like entering a painting in which dazzling scenes of nature, harmony, and everything else associated with me can be seen. Oh, and Hannah was there too.

We then proceeded to fold up our laziness and put our minds in the upright position because God only knew we were in for some major turbulence! From the threshold of C11 we were all too excited to retrieve our laptops and thus hurried to the loading docks to wait our turns. After all was said and done, we sat down at the tables and waited patienly for the news from the Smithian front, hoping for a glorious victory. Alas, we were thus rewarded. From Smith's very own lips came the words that lit up everyone's sweet little hearts. Today would be a work day for the semester project! In fact, it would be the last one, I believe, until after Farewell to Manzanar. Everyone was all set to get started when to our great surprise...

Emily with an "L" dropped a bomb on us, so to speak. Actually disregard that last comment. What she really said is that there is a meeting for the directing group of the documentary next Wednesday in the library! Be there, be square! Also regarding the documentary, filming shall start very soon because the writing is almost done. That, my friends, is how you deliver news about a documentary. Incidentally, Smith informed us that she is quite ready to receive end-of-the-year gifts. If you don't know what to get, I think a Starbucks gift card would do just fine... I would also like you to know that I am accepting gifts too if you're feeling extra generous.

The day started. Everyone had finally gotten "Doubleplusgood" out of their heads. To everyone's dismay, though, Kenna and Ayla started belting it out, and it once again became imbedded in our tiny little brains. I guess it didn't help that I was playing it on my computer either... but I'm sure they're over it now anyway. More information on these zany songs can be found here.

As I stated before, today was nothing other than a work day! Hooray! The day was littered with shrieks of joy and fits of giggling from the ladies in the back. Those near the front, however, enjoyed a stunning entourage of Smith's own playlist! At one point, if I dare mention it, Riley just so happened to be dancing by his desk when "SMACK!" He hit his funny bone hard on the desk. While he was doubled over in shrieks of pain, I'm quite sure that everyone else was doubled over in shrieks of laughter! It was funny, if I do say so myself. (Get it! Funny bone. It was funny! Ha ha ha!) That was the highlight of the class, for the rest of the period was wasted on these silly things called semester projects!

The day proceeded like this, with raised and lowered voices here and there, full of emotion, and just begging to stay in C11 for the rest of our lives! Oh, how we all wish that... Overall, the day was thoroughly unproductive (did I say that?) with most groups getting nothing done more than writing something like this:

-1984-BB ROX MY SOX!
-R&J-my favorite love/sex story in the world!

And so our day ended. With many sad glances back toward the room where all of our lives center around, the children of period 5 departed and scattered to their various other classes around the school campus. With friendly hugs and pats on the back, we all left the comfort of C11 to begin our adventures in the outside world.

Incidentally, here is your homework:
-work on the semester project
-if thou hast not finished thine survey by now (which is indeed blatant slacking!) you should probably do that soon

Until next time,

This is Dan, the one you all know and love, signing off.

P.S. I changed the color scheme in honor of HPDH. And I updated the day counter thing at the bottom for all of you people who are just as excited as me!

21 Days 'til HPDH Book!!!
11 Days 'til OotP Movie!!!
School's Out!!!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 26, 2007: An Amazing Day with Period 2

Hey, guys! Here's what went on today in Smith's magnificent Period 2 Honors English class, which, of course, is insanely awesome and continues to be better than Period 5...

Today was a slightly more relaxed one, and the day began as usual with Mrs. Smith’s greeting of “Hello, everybody!” and our enthusiastic response of "Hello!" Following this, we turned in our grammar packets and our wonderful 1984 essays. For those of you that may have been absent, the prompt was:

1984 is a warning that Orwell wrote in the 1940’s. What was he warning us about (2 specifics with explanations)? How has it come true in our society (2 specifics with explanation)? The essay must be typed, double-spaced, and in formal essay format.

After turning in our assignments, we proceeded to take our grammar test over the use of punctuation marks, which we completed while discussing the nicknames each member of the class should have. There was some debate as to whether or not Brian's nickname should be "Tank", and Mrs. Smith named Chelsea "Sparkle" and Endsley "Diva". Alex also suggested that Declan's nickname be "Duckie" instead of "Danger" or "Dandelion". After this entertaining conversation ended and all the tests were turned in, Mrs. Smith turned on music written about 1984 and we spent the rest of the period relaxing while listening to and discussing the music. We listened to "I Did It Just the Same", "Sex Crime", "For the Love of Big Brother", "Julia", and "Doubleplusgood". The lyrics to these songs as well as others that we did not have time to listen to in class are posted on Mrs. Smith's website under Documents. After listening to each song, Mrs. Smith had us react to it and share our thoughts. One aspect of the songs that we noticed was that their lyrics and their tone seemed to contradict one another. For instance, the song "Sex Crime" seemed as though it would be a low-key, remorseful song, but it was actually very upbeat. The class contributed well to the discussion, and the hour was over before we knew it.

The homework is as follows:
  • Continue working on your semester projects
  • If you want your own copy of Farewell to Manzanar, please have it by Tuesday
  • Finish the class survey found on Mrs. Smith's webpage if you have not already done so

Thanks guys! Hope you have a nice night and a great Friday tomorrow!


Period 5 Scribe, Get Wit It or Get Lost

Alright, alright, alright how's it goin' everybody?

So to start this 5th hour class on 4-26-07 I was broken up with via text message, I'm not going to go into detail, all that matters is I'm back on the market, I can't complain about that. Now that I have that out of the way here's what happened on the academic side of things. We worked our way into the classroom and settled into our seats so we could figure out what we were doing in class. We started off with turning in our essays and grammar packets. Then we had a grammar test, even though we don't need no grammar. The test was pretty short and sweet, so that was good. After the test, Smith had us listen to some songs from the 1984 soundtrack put together by The Eurythmics. We discussed the songs in detail. My favorite song was Sexcrime, the lyrics really spoke to me even though the title is contradictory. So we played the music until the bell rang and that was pretty much our day.

The homework was just to work on our semester project.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Period 2, This One's for You!

Hey everybody!

We started the day off with an extremely enthusiastic hello from Smith (which, by the way, only took period 2 ONE try to respond to correctly). Since today was a short day (due to ACTs for juniors) we got right down to business. We first went over our question for the 1984 take home essay test due tomorrow. The question is:

1984 is a warning that Orwell wrote in the 1940s. What was he warning us about? (2 specifics with explanations)
How has it come true in our society today? (2 specifics with explanations)
This must be typed, double spaced, and in formal essay format.

You must answer both questions!

Smith also said it doesn't matter how many paragraphs your essay is. You can pick your own format for your essay. However, she did say she was looking for that you actually answered the questions, and that you typed it in proper format.

After we wrote down the question, we took a survey set up by Smith. To access this survey, go to Smith's webpage from the school website. There will be a link that says survey. Once you click on the link you must enter in a class code (period 2's is 220). If you were not able to finish in class, you were to submit what you had already completed and do the rest at home. Smith asked us to please do our best and answer in complete sentences because this is feedback to her that she would like to take seriously.

So, our homework:
  • 1984 take home test due tomorrow (MUST BE PRINTED OUT PRIOR TO CLASS!)
  • Complete all exercises, worksheets, and reviews in the grammar packet
  • Prepare for the grammar test tomorrow as needed
  • Finish the survey if you have not already done so

Alright guys. That's my scribe for tonight. Have an amazing Wednesday night and I will see you all, bright and early, tomorrow morning! And remember, period 2 will always be better!


Good Scribations

HI PERIOD 5! As I am sure you all noticed, we only had a 23 minute class today, but boy was it fun! Today, Wednesday April 25, started out the same way as every class. First we were chastised by Smith because we didn't greet her with enough enthusiasm (although I would like to say that I strive to say "Hello Ms. Smith!" with enough "umph" the first time). However, we took her scolding to heart and did a better job the second time (way to go period 5). Next, we talked about our homework. Homework this evening includes the following: take home essay, finishing the survey, and grammar packets (for those of you who are wondering, you do have to finish the conversation between Laura and Gabe). So, let us consider this wonderful take home essay, which is a TEST (not to freak anyone out, but let's try our best shall we?) The question: 1984 is a warning that Orwell wrote in the 1940's. What was he warning us about? (2 specifics with explanations). How has it come true in our society today? (2 specifics with explanations. Now, we are going to review proper paper turn in etiquette. #1 Type your paper. #2 Double Space you paper. #3 Prior to numbers 1 & 2 make sure you write your essay in a formal essay format. #4 Print before you come to class. Smith said that your paper can be 3, 5, 7, 12, or 22 paragraphs if you like but remember it is formal writing so you decide. After we covered the paper, Smith talked for awhile about PB and J taking over the world and that preservatives are bad so everyone remember to eat natural Peanut Butter and throw out your Jiff and Peter Pan. Moving on to the survey, if you were not present in class today, go to Smith's web page (your favorite teacher) under teacher web pages and click on survey. Our class code is 2:51. This survey is from Smith's 21st Century Learner's group, so complete sentences are important. If you didn't finish your survey in class, you were suppose to submit what you had and finish later. Now, keep in mind, Smith worked to make this survey understandable to us so be nice and do you best. That way, we can all be a happy family and enjoy our days at Camp Smith. So, that is pretty much it, except that if you were not at school, your fruit basket is in the mail. Oh, and you missed out on a story about Smith when she needed glasses and had to squint to see. And her eyes felt buggy. So...I guess this is goodbye period 5. Have a splendid Wednesday evening and a fantastic Thursday morning. Oh bye the way, I couldn't get the enter key to work so when there is suppose to be a new paragraph I pushed the space bar until it was on a new line. Clearly I am very technologically gifted and I know how to work the enter key on a machine I am supposedly smarter than. And if you are wondering, the title of this scribe was inspired by The Beach Boys. Happy writing! -Hannah-banana

Period 2 Scribe...

April 24, 2007

Ok so yesterday was a fishbowl day and a quiz day.

Alex D, Jessica B, and Elyse H were the leaders for the fishbowl and they made the highly entertaining quiz.

There were about twenty questions on the quiz and the first ten were for points and then three of the next ten were for extray credit.

If you were not there you better take that..

The quiz took pretty much the whole hour because one sentence was no sufficient enough for an answer. We had to have long and meaningful answers.

I learned not to yell out answers during quizzes...

The fishbowl took place after the quiz and the points were pretty much...

-If Winston would ever "challenge the system again"
-How Winston and Julia betrayed each other
-How depressing the end of the book was
-How it related to Farenheit 451 (which was written in 1953...)

The fishbowl did not last very long so that is about all we got to.

School starts at 11:30 today!!

Homework: Grammar due on Thursday

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hey yo!

If you are reading this because you were gone today, (especially if you were a band kid stuck on a bus) we missed you. Krause did too, probably. Well, like I said Smithy was not here today and so Krause was our sub and we had a party, a fishbowl party. Our presenters were Ty and Zach who gave us a multiple choice, open book test (A+ for that guys). This was our last fishbowl for 1984 and we talked a lot about what Winston didn't know, Why?. -I think that, oh yeah I'm Maddy( If you listened to the fishbowl, you should understand this. If you don't get it, don't try).

If you missed today, make sure that:
  • you get a make up quiz from Zach and Ty
  • post 5 quality comments on the live blog
  • post a comment on the continuing the discussion blog

ps: everyone should know that this scribe was up before Period 2

pss: Lindsey, I was kidding. I Heart You!

psss: we don't have school until 11:30 tomorrow

Peace Out,


Period 5 Blog at Home

Hey guys, sorry this is a little late...

Here are a few more questions to think and blog about:

Could there ever be a rebellion against The Party or a similar government system?

Why did Winston betray Julia when he was facing the rats?

By releasing Winston, was O'Brien being generous for sparing his life, or is he causing him more pain by keeping him alive?

Thanks and see you tomorrow!


Period 2; blog for you

We have some questons for you.
•At the end of the book, how did it make you feel? How did your feeling for Winston and Julia change as you read the book?
•Out of all the characters in 274-297, who influenced the breaking of Winston the most? How?
•What was the significance of using fear in ‘Room 101’? What would be in your ‘Room 101’? and why?

Have fun,

Jessica B., Alexander D., and Elyse H.

PS. Period 2 beat period 5 with 109 comments in 24 minutes to 87 comments in 36 minutes.

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Fishbowl per.5 1984 275-297

Fishbowl per.2 1984 275-297

Monday, April 23, 2007

Period 2's Scribe...What more can I say?

Today, April 23rd, is the day we made our 1984 T-Shirts. The following list entails what is needed for this assignment.

  • A blank, white t-shirt with your initials on the tag
  • a creative political message that is simple and gets the point across clearly(it has to be on the computer)
  • once said image is obtained, drop file into Smith's Drop Box
  • Await further instructions from Ms. Smith (she hasn't told us what's happening past that)
The homework for this day is...
  • Grammar Packet, whatever pages you haven't finished
  • Read pgs. 274-297, Newspeak section not required
Also, on this day in history...
  • Shakespeare was born
  • Steve Clark, guitarist of Def Leppard, is born
  • Shakespeare dies
  • Boris Yeltsin dies
And a public opinion poll based on alexm's blog post " and since when was Declan "danger"?

it should be Declan "Dandelion..." "
  • Should Declan's unofficial middle name be Danger or Dandelion? Please post your opinion.

A Day Without Period 5 Scribe is Like a Day Without Sunshine…

Camp Smith April 23rd

Today was a splendid day
! At the beginning of class, we turned in our take home quizzes from Friday fishbowl feeling very confident we all did excellente! Then Smith explained our T-shirt project...
  • A design on the computer using Word or another program on the computer which I cannot think of right now...
  • Sending a political message or a warning to society in 1984
  • Use a strong visual (or in other words a "prettty prettty picture")
  • Make a simplistic, short saying
  • Make it very CREATIVE and COLORFUL!
  • Turn it into her drop box when finished...

Then Smith showed examples from Period 2 (which Period 5 could totally beat!). After, Smith let us get to work. We then worked on our T-shirt Projects all day... until the dreaded bell rang...oh how emotional it makes us all, I know, I know.

  • read pages 274-297 in 1984 (it is optional to read the newspeak section)
  • make up the quiz from Friday (only if you were a slacker and did not come to school)
  • make sure the T-shirt designs from today are completed...or else...
  • be sure you are done with all of your grammar exercises

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Scribalicious for per 5-alicious

Hello marvelous period 5!!!!!!

Today is April 20, 2007 and it’s Friday!!! Unfortunately it is also the anniversary of Columbine, a memorable day for the nation. Rumors are flying around about threats at schools all over the state, but what is true? Here is a link to an article from Denver Post

To begin our exciting wonderful class, Smith explained our homework and reminded us of the t-shirt projet on Mon. Homework is in purple at the bottom.

We started off by recieving a take home quiz from Ben and Hannah. Ben said it is totally open book because there is no way for him to stop us :)

Fishbowl from Ben, and Hannah:

In this section of the book, Winston got tortured and was forced to see O’Brien’s reality. So what is reality? Your reality depends on who you are, how you behave, who you are around and the truths you believe in.

So how do we define truth? What if you are tortured to believe in something else. Smith said it could be how you are raised, how your parents teach you, and what you learn early on. She related it to Blood Diamond, how the little boy almost murdered his father because he had been separated. But should children be obligated to turn in their parents? Parents are obligated to turn their children in, so why shouldn’t it go both ways? The society in 1984 operates on an absence of love, but it might be harder to betray parents in our society.

What is the difference between truth and reality? Truth is something you can back up with facts, but what does that make reality? How do we know O’Brien was holding up four fingers? All we have is Winston’s word, how do we know that is true? We decided that this book drives us crazy because it’s about Winston being stripped from his humanity.

But our views on this book are based on how we live. What if O’Brien was our protagonist, then would Winston and Julia seem bad? And children turning in parents? Isn’t that the right thing to do? So what else does this society lack besides love?

The Party is trying to change Winston’s mind, but they can’t change his heart. But isn’t the heart partly mental? Like if you told yourself over and over again that you hated history, you will probably eventually start to hate history. The thing about Appearance Vs. Reality is that eventually one has to become the other.

Ultimately, we decided it came down to this: Change isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just extremely difficult for us as humans beings to get used to.

Smith, being as wonderful as she is, and because of how much she loves the golden number 5, gave us little homework for the weekend ahead:

--Finish 1984!!! (pgs 274-297)
--Bring in a plain white T-shirt, one per group, for designing!
--Blog on the lovely discussion from today
--Grammar is due next Thursday, so please keep up with that!!!

Also, coming next week:
Tuesday—Grammar day, fishbowl of pgs 274-297
Wednesday—Approve thesis in class, take home essay
Thursday—Collect grammar packets, grammar test, semester project, watch video?
Friday—Semester project
The next Monday—Semester project

Whoo hoo period 5, thanks for the fantabulous Friday and have an awesome weekend! Remember to relax, take a deep breath and try not to get too stressed out.



Friday, April 20, 2007

Freedom is Slavery, War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength and Scribing is Scribing Period 2

Today started as any usual day would begin. Ms. Smith entered the classroom promptly at 8:20 (or about that time) and walked through the door with a smile on her face that screamed, "Hello world, let's get ready to learn!" She then said her ever expected "Hello everybody", to which we all responded in unison "Hello". Ms. Smith then played out what our plan was for the day on the overhead. The overhead read:

  • Fishbowl 224-274

  • Quiz

  • Hw: Read 274-297, scribe (which only pertains to me), and to bring in a plain WHITE t-shirt to class on Monday.

The white t-shirt can be any size just make sure you have one. I believe we are doing the t-shirt project in groups, and I don't know if it is one t-shirt per group or everyone brings one so just bring one.

What actually happened in class:

Smith began class by signing everyone's registration cards. Remember these are due next week so you need to get them signed whether you continue in honors or not. Make sure to complete that. Then we moved right into the quiz. There were some technical difficulties starting the quiz on the computer but thanks to alexd's knowledge of computers we were able to continue on with the dreaded quiz. We then set up fishbowl and began to discuss pages 224-274. To see the discussion on the outer circle, refer to the blog post. However, some of the topics on the inner circle included:

  • What is the symbol of Goldstien? Is he real?

  • Movies, books, media that relate to the government in the book

  • What is defined as humanity?

  • Why is period 2 better than period 5?

The presenters today were Josh, Alex, and Connor (who was absent). The discussers were KJ, Sara, and Christa. The conversation went well despite the limited time. We fishbowled until the end of class.

Don't forget your homework, and to keep working on your semester long project...I have a feeling those are going to be great.

Fun Facts about today:

  • Half the class was missing...BAND!

  • Shortened class time due to Spring Assembly

  • Joshb had a florescent yellow shirt on

  • Danger had a baby blue shirt on

  • Sarac had a beautiful red flower in her hair and did an excellent job preforming at the assembly

  • Shelton and GOD OF WAR...absent

That's all I got guys so remember to do your homework. Grammar test next week by the way...


Discussion Continues

Well my internet was down at five, so I ate dinner, and now here I am posting the discussion continuer. (spell check)

It seems as if Winston is still able to think for himself on the subconscious level, even if what he thinks is what O'Brien is telling him. What could this mean, and could it have any significance?

Thanks guys, and sorry Ms. Smith for the late post.


Boring Scribe for a boring day-April 18th

[This is Riley's scribe, and I am posting it for him because his invite was sent to the wrong account. He apologizes for the lateness. -BenH]

April 18th was a fun-filled day, full of reading and clicking for
MAPS testing.
Glad to know that everyone in the class had high scores, and good
luck next year.

Homework- read 164-224 in The Last Man of England (1984)

Sad week for Virginia.... Good luck guys

Fishbowl per.5 1984 225-274

Fishbowl per.2 1984 225-274

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Period 5 Discussion Continues Over Pages 167-224

Let the discussion continue!! Here are some questions to ponder:

Would you rather be a party member or a prole? (Living Conditions vs. Freedom)
Would society as it stands in the book be able to function without war?
Is it possible for the Brotherhood to exist? How would they get around the prying eyes of the party?
Who do you think Winston can trust? Who shouldn't he trust?
Could Winston and Julia really make a difference in bringing down the party?

These questions tie back to the Fishbowl:

How long do you think the telescreen was present in the room? If it had been there long, why didn't the Party arrest Julia and Winston earlier, rather than waiting for multiple months?

Do you think the Mr. Charrington that Winston saw when he was being arrested was the 'real' Mr. Charrington?

Period 5's 225-274 Adventure: The Conclusion

Hello again, since I know you haven't had enough of Tom posting blog entries, here we go again.

Your preliminary question, pre-discussion:

O'Brien states when he is informing Winston of the world's "truths" that, "Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship." What does this quote mean in the context of 1984? Fahrenheit 451? Better yet, how can we apply this to America, or even the world, today? Be creative.

Have fun! (There shall be more to come as discussion warrants!)

Thomas, Benjamin and Hannah-banana

Greetings, 5th Hour Comrades!

As a special salute to 1984, today's scribe shall be in Newspeak:

Thu 04-19-07 12:14-13:11

Today Com. Ritzdorf sub. Com. Smith gone- doubleplusunhappy.

  1. Good quiz from SB/LB/KB. Curevents EC doubleplussmart.
  2. FBed doubleplusgoodemothink on Charrington, chrhyme, Brohood real?
  3. Outcirc goodiscuss on Charrington's long wait, Brohood, WS's overtrust, chrhyme.
  • 225-74 FB Fri
  • Blog
  • Oldspeakgram 04-26-07
  • Semepro
And here it is again, for all of you Oldspeak-types:

Thursday, April 19, 2007 12:14P.M.-1:11P.M.

Today Ms. Ritzdorf subbed for us because Ms. Smith was gone- We were extremely sad and anxiously await her return.

During class today:
  1. We took a great quiz from Shelby, Laura and Kari. The current event extra credit questions were very creative and the quiz was very thorough!
  2. Next we Fishbowled. The Inner Circle's discussion was very thought-provoking and deep. Some of the topics discussed were Charrington and his membership in the Thought Police, the significance of the rhymes, and whether the Brotherhood exists or whether it is simply a ploy to create a common enemy among Ingsoc's subjects.
  3. The Outer Circle also had a good discussion about Charrington's choice to wait before reporting Winston and Julia, the role of the Brotherhood, Winston's overly-trusting tendencies, and the rhymes.
Today's Homework:
  • Pages 225-274 of 1984; The Fishbowl for these pages is tomorrow.
  • Tonight's blog question
  • Grammar is due next week.
  • Work on the Semester Project.

Period Two's Awesome Scribe-y-ness

Sadly, Smith was once again gone today. What we did today with Ms. Ritzdorf goes as follows:

At the beginning of class, we picked a comment from a blog this week and played a sort of ‘game.’

  • 1st person says the comment
  • Next three people say why it is intriguing
  • Person who picked the comment gets the last word

  • 1st comment: Kathrynt
  • It may be interesting because it mentions the “place where there is no darkness” or because it may not be true—maybe Winston doesn’t look up to O’Brien as a leader. Julia and O'Brien also are opposites.

  • 2nd comment: Endsleye – antique shop is a trap

  • 3rd comment: Kimc- Monday’s comment – Humanity isn’t possible without love.
  • It includes definitions of love, and what humanity is . It also defines humanity in so many different ways, including that it seperates us from animals.
  • ~ It is interesting because of our semester long project -- How literature portrays

    *Events this week have caused us to question ourselves, our rights, and how we can make a positive difference in the society* ~Ms. Ritzdorf

    The second item on our agenda was Grammer lesson 14 (Editing and Proofreading worksheet 1) as a class, sentence by sentence.

    Finally, it was Reading Time.

    -Grammer if you don't have it done
    -READ!! We have fishbowl tomorrow over pages 224-274! Discussers and Presenters be ready! Band people and anyone else who will be gone-- you must make this up by going online and reading the blog comments and adding a decent number of thoughtful comments of your own!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scribe For the Cool Kids. and Connor.

It was a dark and stormy night, and our ace pilot BLAAM!!! (sadly, he is no longer with us)

, we started the day as normally as any Wednesday. If it can be called normal.

We took a wonderfully easy and well done quiz from Declan, Adam, and Phillip: God Of War. After spending about 15 hours on the first slide like we usually do, we were able to move on to the next one. Nobody was harmed, rest assured.

We set up the tables into the square, slightly larger square position and began fishbowling. Hooray! Well...hmm....I guess not hooray; a kiiilll uuuussss is more like it. (note the correct semicolon use!)(!??)

We discussed mostly about 1984, as you can probably guess, with some fun thrown in there. Ha ha, just kidding Smith! It wasn't fun at all!

At any rate, the discussion was based mostly on the image of the breaking glass....thingy. We discussed Julia's character, and whether or not Big Brother and that Goldstein dude are even real.

COLOR! today was also the Day Of Silence (clever huh?) for the victims of the Virginia State Massacre, and in support of gays and lesbians and their rights. I tried not talking for an hour and got bored. Imagine that. But seriously, if you did make the day without talking, congrats.

Homework: aka: the only part you should care about.

grammar. this is a biggie for next Thursday. Or maybe not. Just do it.

read. what?
1984. why ask such a dumb question? pages uhhh... 224-uhhh. 274.

and a quiz on the cardiovascular system. BE READY.

have a good rest of the evening, even if you did have to read this. and for those of you who listen to announcements every morning:

Thanks Arapahoe and have a "Wacky" Wednesday! HAHAHAHauhhhh.

not kidding on the cardiovascular quiz.

buhh bye now. buh bye.


Period 2: The Discussion Continues/The Discussion: Part Deux

Ok all you 21st Century learners, all you system challengers, all you intellectuals....and brian. Here is your blog question:

Throughout the book, O'Brien has become more and more of an instigator of Winston's actions. Do you think he will play a larger role as the novel comes to a close? Why or why not? If he does play a larger role, what will it be?

So there you have it. What's the mystery behind the (for lack of a better word) mysterious O'Brien. Brainstorm.

Declan "Danger" Hughes, Phillip "God of War" Strom, and Adam "Shelton" Barsch

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My amazing scribe for whom else, but period 2!

Well hello there, I hope you all had a good day at school today!!!

Today we started out the class by talking about Newspeak and handing back the quizzes we took over pages 69-117 and 117-147. The class wasn’t participating at all during our discussion about Newspeak so Ms. Smith got upset with us, come on guys we can’t bore her we have to be better that 5th period. I really think the class is getting better at those quizzes though because all of our grades seemed to be a lot higher!! Good job guys keep it up.

So today in class was pretty much amazing, it was just a work day. Last night everybody was supposed to get a political speech for today, so what do you know we used them. We all go into groups of either three or four and went over the speeches. Out of everybody’s speeches in our groups, (man were they long speeches) we just chose one. After we chose the one speech we liked the most, we rewrote it so that is was in the form of Newspeak, from 1984 where Winston works.

Newspeak has many characteristics,
-Very few words, right to the point
-Very little vocabulary, so we eliminated all big words and descriptive words

(Really you just wanted to make it so a 5th grader could read it with no problem, and understand every single word of it, it’s pretty close to what Newspeak do.)

When we finished, we printed it out, that is if you typed it, and then turned it in. If you didn’t have time to print it out today be sure to print it out tonight, BEFORE YOU COME TO CLASS!! You all know what happens when you don’t print your work out before you come to class, so don’t make the class suffer.

If you finished re-writing the speech in class then you could work on some of your other english work such as the grammar packet.


-Print out your speech if you haven’t already done so
-Grammar packet all the way up to 16
-Semester project
-Read pages 167-224 for tomorrow (Presenters and discussers, be prepared for fishbowl tomorrow)

I really hope that this helped anyone who was absent or just didn’t write down the homework or pay attention in class today.

This week:

You guys should really come out and support the school and our teams so going on this week there is,

4/18 Girls varsity lacrosse game at LPSS at 7:00
4/18 Girls JV lacrosse game at Newton Middle school at 5:30
4/18 Boys varsity Baseball at AHS at 4:00
4/18 Boys Freshman lacrosse game at Powell Middle School at 4:00
4/19 Girls varsity soccer at AHS at 4:00
4/19 Girls JV soccer at AHS at 4:00
4/19 Boys swimming and diving at AHS at 4:00(it’s against Heritage)
4/20 Boys JV baseball game at AHS at 4:00
4/21 Boys freshman baseball game at AHS at 11:00
4/21 Boys freshman baseball game at AHS at 1:00

These are only the home games from now until Saturday.

Also there is the school play, Music Man.

That’s all I have,

Tana L.

¡Period 5's Funkadelic Scribe April 17th!

Hello, kiddos, I am pleased to announce that today none other than I, the absolutely superawesometastic master of all the universe Tom, shall be scribing for you!

Don't get too excited. Nah, I'm kidding. GET VERY EXCITED!!!!

Today Smith wore a fabulous black ensemble, very fashionable and oh-so chic, with a white belt of some sort, presumably representing her skill as a karate master in the forests of Brazil. It was in this outfit that we were informed that tomorrow (Wednesday in layman's terms) all children shall report to the Library Computer Lab for MAP testing, hooray! We must try our very hardest, or else the consequences shall be most dire. We were also kindly reminded that to get full points on fishbowls, we must have five comments of QUALITY, not quantity. Let's get this party started. Final in the stunning series of reminders was that we must read a lot this week for fishbowls on Thursday and Friday, so if you haven't started, then stop reading this blog this instant and go pick up a book, you lazy bum.

This was in preparation for an activity so absolutely wonderful our feeble brains could not comprehend it: translation of the speeches you found last night into Newspeak! Many cheers of unbridled enthusiasm were heard all round at this announcement. At this point we scattered into groups of three or four and proceeded to be little busy bees up until the bell, when unfortunately we had to depart to continue other scholarly pursuits. We bid a fond farewell to Smith's classroom. I'd be willing to bet a few tears were shed as well.

Our homework for the future:

  • Do Grammar Sections, through 16.
  • Read pg. 167-225 for Thursday and through 274 for Friday!
  • Work on that semester project doohickey (yes, THAT one)

Remember, period 2, it's okay if you can't keep up to our high standards. We understand.


Your palster,

Fishbowl per.5 1984 167-224

Fishbowl per.2 1984 167-224

Monday, April 16, 2007

Scribalicious Period 5 style

Period 5 Scribe-time!

The day began with some fabulous stressing out about the amount of reading that must be done this week. Anna then proceeded to pick up the take-home quiz from Friday. Preparations ensued for the coming quiz and fishbowl involving many a "switcharoo" due to the insane schedules of the band kids and theater types. We then took the quiz and lamented the number of emails Smith received over the weekend. We also had the amazingly interesting experience of touching Ms. Smith's fluidified leg from her rather bad fall moving over the weekend. Next came the fabulous...FISHBOWL.

Da Fishbowl...

Discussion Topics
  • Are the rocket bombs a real part of the war, or is it the government and the party that is responsible for it?
  • Why do the bombs only hit the proles and never the "real people."
  • Why does Winston trust O'Brien? Is it all naivete or is there something more? Will this trust of anyone who "looks at him the right way" bring him down in the future? Does his hopelessness in life lead to this trust of people?
  • Can the party get into the minds of its people? What will this mean for their "crusade?"
  • Why does the party discourage sex?
  • How does Winston's family influence what he does now? How is Julia a catalyst to his new life of rebellion?
  • What part does destiny play in the story? Is Winston trying to predict what's going on
  • How has his past affected his present, and how will it affect if future?
  • How does the party gain members? How was Winston molded into a party member as youth?


  • A look into the loyalties of both Julia and O'Brian.
  • The meaning of Winston's childhood and family as well as the dream that led to this discussion.
  • The title of the book and what the original title was and what it would have meant had it been used.

Alas, another awesome discussion disrupted by an annoying beeping noise. As for the wonderful homework...READ READ READ. There is a lot so it must be done early lest our fishbowls suffer and fall behind those of Period 2. Also, grammar is a rather annoying but completely necessary facet of an English class and must also be completed. Smith today announced that the entire packet will be most likely due on Monday of next week. As a last note, everyone should finish filling out their schedules and be sure to get all necessary signatures for honors classes. (doesn't a little bit of color make school more fun!)

Scribe for Period Two, April 16

Smith is back today!

Homework- Grammar Packet through 16
Bring in a political speech from the red-scare era—we will be converting it to ‘Newspeak’ tomorrow
Read pg. 167-224

We took the test from annaw, Kathrynt and saraC. It was hard but had very high level thinking questions. Good job guys, it was without a doubt better that Period 5’s quiz.

· We talked about how Julia is a rebel from the waist down—What does this mean?
Julia= Rebel without a cause Winston=Rebel with a cause
Is this true?
· Julia, although she wants the government to change, she doesn’t believe she has the power to change it. In order to change things you have to have the ambition, and she doesn’t have it on the large scale that she need it.
· Winston sees that he has to confront big brother head on against all the sayings.

· Why is Winston the only one who can remember the past, stuff like how the party didn’t actually invent airplanes?

· What is the significance of the memories that Winston has?

· Why would the Proles rebel against the government? They don’t really have that much of a reason to, because they are free and the government has only a small amount of control over them. What reason to they have to rebel?

· Why do we have proles and why do we have a party? You always have to have the good and the I don’t want to be that person. You are happy but you don’t want to be the other side.

· Human Nature- Do you have to have love to be a human? What separates animals from humans?

Don’t forget—
1. Read Ahead, there is a BIG section coming up!
2. Know when you are scribing and be sure to post on your day! (Not that we have any problems with that… I just thought period five would like to know.)
3. Get your schedule card ready and signed by all your teachers if you are planning to continue in that subject for; -Foreign Language, -Math -Any and all Honors classes

4. Period 2 will always be better than period 5. Always.

Period 2 At-Home Fishbowl!

Why do you think thatt they keep changing who they are at war with? Why doesn't anybody notice when it changes? Is there any signifigance that Winston seems to be the only one that does notice?


Anna W, Sarah C, Kathryn T.

Fishbowl per.5 1984 147-167

Fishbowl per.2 1984 147-167

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dearest Period 5 here is your blog post for pages 147-167...

So far, what has 1984 said about us as human beings? What part of us does Winston represent? Julia? How about The Party?

1984 was written from a futuristic point of view in 1949. What was Orwell correct in predicting? Where was he completely off the mark? What do you think his overall message is to us readers?

Tie 1984 back to Lord of the Flies. How is The Party like Jack? Do you think Winston is like Ralph? How? How are Golding's message from LOF and Orwell's message in 1984 alike? What do both these books say about the survival instincts of humans?

For those of you who don't know the story, what do you think will happen to Winston and Julia? Do you think O'Brien and Julia are good guys or bad guys? What do you think will be the result of Winston and Julia's secret relationship?

I'm interested to hear what you guys think. As always, please remember to reference back to others' comments.

Thanks guys!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Period 2's Breathtaking Discussion Presses On!

To continue the discussion we had in fishbowl on Friday, here is your blogging topic Period Two...

In the chapters we discussed in fishbowl on Friday we discovered much more about whom Julia's character is. How does she compare to Winston? How is she similar? How is she different? How do their outlooks on the rebellion against the Party compare and contrast? Do their differing generations affect their opinions of the Party? Why did Orwell bring these two characters together?

You don't need to address every question, we only posted them to drive some discussion.

Sorry this was posted rather late as well.

briang, chelseah, endsleye, paigen

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2nd period's Scribalicious post

Sorry the post is a little late due to techinical difficultlies...

The class started out on a rather sad note when we discovered that Ms. Smith was no where to be seen. However, we somehow were able to recover and to continue on to do a reflection on how we are doing in class. Our strengths and weaknesses were well recorded in the documents we submitted. Next we nearly pulled our hair out during the stunning quiz that was written up by our wonderful presenters: Paige, Brian, Endsleye, and Chelsea. Nice job on those quizes! After the difficult but refreshing quizes we set up for the awesome fishbowl. I was dazzled by our wonderful questions and connections which just might have been better than... 5th hour's. Anyway there was many difficult questions about the wonderfully introcite book 1984.

Great job on the fishbowl everybody!

Now I want to mention the homework situation!
  • Make sure to keep doing your grammar exercises! You should be done all the way to Exercise 14
  • Read 1984!!!!!! Right now we're reading from p.147-167 (you might want to read ahead! We have a big section coming up)
  • Don't forget that you might be scribing soon! make sure your prepared and you know what day is yours
  • Presenters and Discussers: know when your up! Make great questions so we can knock Ms. Smith's off!



Friday, April 13, 2007

Period 5 Scribe

PERIOD 5 SCRIBE - heck yes

Just to recap today's events...

Sadly Smith wasn't here - so we had a Starbucks party with Mrs. Ritzdorf
It was awesome- be jealous

OK so we started off with our lovely reflections

Then we moved on to taking our "truly" true quiz
(for those of you who did not finish, this includes myself, the quiz is due Monday. So do not forget to do that.)

After our quiz, we moved on to fishbowl.
It was very intense and we talked about all kinds of inappropriate things. It really was a good fishbowl, there were many good things that we talked about. Thanks to Dan, Lane and Anna for the great fishbowl and running the class today.

Homework for the weekend:

  1. Read pages 147-167 in 1984 - the next fishbowl is MONDAY
  2. Blog question
  3. You should probably work on figuring out your arena scheduling worksheet- it is due April 24
  4. Quiz is also due Monday

Have a good weekend, See you all on Monday!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mission: Period 5 scribe

*Mission Impossible theme plays in the background*

“Your mission, should you choose to accept…”

We accepted.

(A sound recording follows)

Hey there Period 5!

I’ve posted our scribe!

(We’ll pretend that really did rhyme and that everyone thought it was terribly clever…even though it wasn’t…)

We started in disorder, as usual…getting our computers, talking to our friends as though we hadn’t seen them in years, even if is was only yesterday, first period, or even lunch since had last seen each other. We calmed down slightly after the bell rang.

Then Ms. Smith went over our homework with us, which happens to be:

* Read 1984 pages 117-147 and be prepared to take a quiz and fishbowl tomorrow.

* Do the grammar lesson 14: Exercises 12-14. (We’re almost done!!)

* We also have to behave ourselves as we have a substitute, Mrs. Ritzdorf is HIGHLY suspected of having that privilege tomorrow.

Now to the important stuff, the actual occurrences of the hour…*drum roll*…REGISTRATION! We received some papers. No, I revise that, a LOT of papers. A general list of what we should have received is:

* A yellow card stock paper with mostly charts. On the front is where one fills in their class requests for first semester. DO NOT LOOSE THIS! Do not write below the line above which states in print “DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE.” Just for good measure, I repeat: do not write in the area with the stamped “First Semester.” Get it? Got it? Good!

* Attached to that, one should have gotten a piece of paper that has our Graduation Status. To explain some of the terms used, even though most are self-explainable, I have inserted this chart:






In Term


What it Looks Like

Course Title


Course Title


Course Title


What it Means

The general name of the subject

The number of credits required to graduate

The official name of the class we have taken

The number of credits earned in S1 for this class above the number possible

The official name of the class we are in

The number of credits possible for S2 in this class

An Example

Language Arts


English 9: Honors


English 9: Honors



188.00 total credits are needed to graduate

Total Credits:

The number of credits earned in S1

Total Credits:

The total number of possible credits for S2

Hopefully that helped, somewhat at least. Now back to those numerous pieces of paper that we received…

* Also, one should have gotten a single gold paper, which is from the Business Department. It gives a list of ways to prepare for a college degree in business on one side, and on the other side is the list of the required courses (Intro. To Computer Applications or Computer Applications 1.) It then goes on to list all the offered electives, some which are new, like Web Design1 and 2 (which was in fact, merely moved from a different department,) Sports & Entertainment Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

* We also acquired a locker partner request form. It is a portion of a yellow paper. PLEASE remember to PRINT on this.

* Furthermore, a “master” schedule course list was handed out. This was apparently done very early in the morning, and some changes may be made. The papers going straight up and down are the courses offered for first semester. When they appear to have acquired an amazing gymnastic ability to flip upside-down, you will know that those are the courses offered second semester.

* Probably one of the most important documents we obtained today was the Arapahoe High School: Class of 2010 Worksheet: Sophomore. This is a yellow sheet of paper, which is to help us to figure out what classes we want, an in what hour. Pencil and erasers come in extreme handiness as we, most likely, will not have our schedule figured out perfectly the first time. AND the order will most likely change when we get to the final registration stage.

As we all know some courses are fully required, unfortunately.

* English: It is required to take English in both freshmen and sophomore year. As we are all already in Honors English, we would continue in the Honors program, and probably take American Literature Honors. Both regular 10th grade English and America Lit. are offered, but as far as I can tell, we would generally take the American. Lit. Honors.

* History: Next year we are required to take both Cultural Geography (which is 3 credits) and World Civ. (which is also 3 credits.) We cannot take them both in the same semester, so we must plan accordingly.

* Math: Four semesters of a math class are required to graduate. However, one must take into consideration that is not necessarily the same for college enrollment requirements.

* Science: Again, four semesters are required. For those of you already in Biology and planning to go into Chemistry next year, remember that chem. labs take up two hours, rather than one hour.

* Practical Arts: One (about) practical arts class is required to graduate. Both Intro to Computer Applications and Computer Applications (one or the other is required) count as practical arts classes.

* Fine Arts: Of the Fine Arts, none are absolutely required.

* Physical Education: Both swimming and personal survival courses are required.

* Electives: We need 75 total credits to graduate. Of course, this is the minimum, and we can, and probably will, go over this requirement. These classes are any class we take that does not fall within the required classes.

Other important information to know and realize:

* The card stock yellow paper, also known as the Semester Course Requests sheet, is due to the Guidance Center BY 2:30p.m. ON TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 2007.

* One MUST use a #2 pencil (these things are so famous) on the Semester Course Requests sheet.

* The e-mail information on that paper is OPTIONAL!!

* We must attend the final registration stage on Friday, May 25, 2007, within the appropriate time according to our last names. The specific information is given on the yellow worksheet.

* The Semester Course Requests sheet’s tables are set up differently than the worksheet’s tables. Watch out for that!

Most important: if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, PLEASE see a teacher, or a counselor.

Well there we go. We spent the rest of 10 minutes talking and looking at the courses.

This message will self distrust in 5…4…3…2…

*Mission Impossible music plays*


Michelle Phair

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April 12 Scribe...........woot

Today as we all readied our young moldable minds for another day of challenging the system, we had a great surprise. Imagine our excitement when none other than Mr. Bast walked in to tell us everything we ever wanted to know about scheduling. He made some witty jokes involving middle names and passed out some very important papers which I promptly lost. Then he explained the scheduling system for this year. There were too many mistakes with the computer, so everyone will be sorted by name and assigned a time to crowd into a designated area and mill around until herded to another room in a process commonly known as arena scheduling. He went in to great detail about schedules. I will summarize the high points for you:
Fill out those forms you got.
If you do not have forms, obtain them from a responsible adult and then go back to step one.
That's about all I have to say on the topic of scheduling.

  • Finish your grammar packets up to Ex. 14.
  • Get ready for Friday fishbowl.
  • Keep working on the semester projects.

Fishbowl per.5 1984 117-147

Fishbowl per.2 1984 117-147

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Period 2 Scribe

As always, Period 2 started off on a good note when Ms. Smith passed out the long awaited cd projects. Nobody seemed to be incredibly upset so I assume the results were good. After that, the mood changed when the class had to take a quiz=0. It consisted of 5 questions and nobody seemed to have the "I just bombed something attitude", so the day goes on. The previous quizzes were passed back. Then there was the fishbowl. As always, everyone contributed to make it a fantastic discussion. Personally, I liked the discussion about the intentions and the truthfulness of O'Brien and how he and others may be setting a trap for Winston.

Homework:Read pages 117-147. Think over the main topics of the reading and be prepared for Fishbowl on friday.

Goodbye For Now,

Period 5 Scribe!

When we walked in to our favorite 5th period class of the day today, Ms. Smith passed back our amazing CD projects. Most people seemed fairly happy with the results, so the day started off on a good note. Then, to everyone’s great disappointment, Emily, Michelle and Sarah passed out the quizzes. The quiz involved a series of questions that were in the format of multiple choice and short answer. Also there was a 4 point question!(gasp!) The extra credit was a two part question that asked who was coming to our class this Thursday, and for what reason they had decided to join our hard-working class(cough cough.) After the quiz was passed in, we were told the answer to the extra credit. Unfortunately, I still do not know the answer to the extra credit that was previously mentioned.

Today was also fishbowl day!The greater part of the fishbowl was spent discussing the proles and why they have not started a rebellion. Ms. Smith brought up a good point: If all of the people in the United States that cannot speak English decided to rebel against our government, there would be no stopping them. Good point Ms. Smith!

Read 117-147 for a fishbowl on Friday
Make sure to be caught up on Grammar.

There you have it, my amazing scribe.


Period 2 Question

To continue the fish bowl discussion, here's your question!

Is Julia foreshadowing an event that could happen later on? If so, what kind of an event? How is Julia simialr to Clarisse in Fahrenheit 451? Is there a connection between them? Similarities? Differences?

Tana L
Sara M
Shauna M

5th hour The Discussion Continues…

Michelle's blogger was not working so I am posting it for her.

What is the significance of the unconscious in 1984? (Such as Winston writing "Down with Big Brother," walking back to the Junk shop, and thought crimes). How also does this lead to and show Winston Smith's changing political beliefs?

Period 5 Discussion 69-117

EmilyL, MichelleP, SarahC

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Period 5 Scribe! [end singing angels]

Following text is a quote. It comes from the period 2 scribe.
Welcome to the wonderful scribe (better than Period 5, whom I must add, has not scribed in TWO DAYS)!!!

Two days? I appreciate the vote of confidence, Kjerstin. But yes, it is late. And I apologize for that. But you know the saying: all the best things take for ever because they are good. Or something like that. If it does not exist, it should. And that is a fact.

But yes, I have an excuse for being late. I just got home. I have been working on the newspaper, stabbing people, and getting my hair cut.

However, I do admit I had the audacity to take off my shoes and wash my hands when I got home. I apologize.

But now, what I am actually here for.

Grammar packet up to 11
  • Lesson eleven has some sort of weird thing that involves writing sentences about stuff (that is probably about some fascinating subject, like Native American folklore or dead female pilots). What you are supposed to do is write unpunctuated sentences, and then have a friend punctuate them. Then, if they are done well, you tell them that their sentences have been wonderfully punctuated. If they are not very good, the course of action was not indicated.
  • Example: "Anna, do you approve of my sentences?" "Why yes, Ms. Smith, those are the most finely punctuated sentences in all the land!" (quotations approximated from memory)
Read 1984 up until page 117
  • I know some people from period two had this issue, but if it is not working for you, reorient the book. It is position sensitive. The title should be at the top of the cover, and the binding on the left side.
Create a propaganda poster for 1984
  • It must be
    • colorful
    • creative
    • captivating
    • cool
    • Can you think of other C words?
So the day started by us waiting outside for Ms. Smith to arrive. I briefly contemplated using the ram I had been shown in my homeland security course to break down the door, but I had no idea where it was at the time.

Next, we went inside and got our laptops out. Ms. Smith then demanded that we get out our assignment planners, and informed us of our homework, which I have already mentioned. Then she told us that someone named Bryn Woodley will be coming to observe our class. She was observing us because she wanted to be a teacher for some reason. However, she was not actually there because she was finishing some silly think called a "lunch." Ms. Smith told us to be nice to her, or she would hurt us. When she arrived, we clapped. No one (that I saw, anyway) was hurt.

Then we listened to music while walking "gallery style" around the classroom. When the music stopped, we sat down and made comments about the propaganda that someone had found. I enjoyed watching Hannah's video, which complained about the inability of Marilyn Musgrave to appreciate E-words. Can you think of any e-words?

Fun Fact! A substantial portion of the class was scared to death because we thought we had to print out or propaganda! We did not, thankfully.

Then class ended, and we left. IF YOU DID NOT PLUG IN YOUR LAPTOP, WE WILL FIND YOU!

You have been warned.